5 November 2016

Walking through Ham Lands

Possibly the best thing about my new job is that it gives me the excuse to walk across Ham Lands most mornings on the way to work. I usually cut across from Croft Way to Teddington Lock, a well trod path, which takes me through a mix of environments from grasslands to woodlands.

I do not know very much about the plants that I pass other than I like the way that they look and the way that they exist alongside an urban area. With Riverside Drive behind me it is soon easy to lose sight of anything man-made.

Ham Lands looks wild in a way that Richmond Park never does, mostly because there are far fewer people there and those that go to Richmond Park leave obvious marks.

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  1. Hello Matthew
    I continue to enjoy your posts. As a blogger, I note that only one in 200 visits 'achieves' a comment, so I hope that my expression of appreciation helps to fill a gap. As you know, I have THREE war memorial blogs for FOUR war memorials in the local area, and I think the one in 200 is probably about right.
    And, hey, you have a new job that takes you through Ham lands. Surely that counts as A RESULT.


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