3 November 2016

Another visit to Ham House

I go to Ham House fairly regularly because there is plenty to enjoy there and as a member of the National Trust it costs me nothing on the day. I usually pop-in as part of a longer walk and just walk around the gardens for a few minutes then continue on my way.

I think that in all my visits this was the first time that I succumbed to the all too obvious temptation to take a picture of the lavender garden through the hedge that surrounds it.

On the other hand I had taken many pictures of the cute summer houses in The Wilderness but that did not stop me from taking another one.

The Wilderness is my favourite part of the garden as it is the wildest section and the wildest parts of it are the few uncultivated segments made by the geometrically arranged hedges.

One of the other wilderness areas was next to the house but this was being tamed too. There were just a few pots and a mown path there on that visit, plus the promise of more to come.

I am not a fan of the entrance to the house and it took some effort to conjure something that I felt was interesting. I think that it was worth that effort though.

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