25 June 2016

Putting boundaries around the Huf Haus

The new Huf Haus continues to be a major point of interest in my walks and I go past it most days just to see if anything has changed. While it is hard to tell what is going on within the house there have been significant changes to the boundaries.

At the back of the house, facing on to Back Lane, some hornbeams are being trained to fill the gap between the trees and they will effectively mask, if not completely hide, the house.

I watched the front wall go up and had a good chat with the man doing the work. At first I was not sure about the colour of the brick but once the wall was complete I was convinced. It is a lovely wall and entirely suited to the area. I think I would have made the gate a little wider though.

Some hornbeams have been added here too. There are more trees at the front so fewer hornbeams were required and at the moment they look a little awkward, not quite a hedge. I suspect that they will grow into the role.

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