15 June 2014

Rosebank in Petersham Open Gardens 2014

Rosebank is one of the regulars in Petersham Open Gardens so it was no surprise to see it there again in 2014.

One of the treats of visiting it is that it is reached via the narrow, and often muddy, footpath that runs from River Lane towards the nursery and church. The garden is hidden behind another high brick wall and it entered through a small door. It feels like the Secret Garden.

I have photographed this lion water-feature at the back of the house a few times on every visit experimenting with different angles, tilts and zooms. In the end I chose a fairly normal composition selected because of the ferns and bird box on the left.

The main feature of the garden at Rosebank was the raised border around the lawn that had a pretty combination of shapes, heights and colours all encased in a frame of brick.

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