14 June 2014

Petersham Lodge in Petersham Open Gardens 2014

Petersham Lodge is probably the garden that most people wanted to see in Petersham Open Gardens 2014 and I spent quite a bit of time there even though I had seen it several times before.

Of course the lake was the main feature and I have always loved it and the little bridge that crosses one corner of it.

The most popular view though is this one back towards the house.

The duck houses were new to me this year and I thought that they were very pretty. I also liked the way that they were painted in the same colour as the bridge.

Other work had been done around the lake. In particular the area where the water tickles in to the lake had matured nicely to hide the man-made elements.

After the lake, my favourite parts of the garden are the wildernesses that separate the formal parts of the garden. Smaller paths sneak through these areas and even in  garden full of people it is easy to hide.

Perhaps it was the time of year that the garden was open or perhaps the mild Winter brought the flowers out early but there were only a few patches of colour and the borders next to the house were not as exciting as in previous years.

The neatly clipped hedge had fared better and the little formal garden to the side of the house looked good in the bright sun.

My final picture in this selection from the many that I took is of another part of the wilderness. This time it was at the north end of the garden where the vegetables were. Again a semi-hidden object adds a further touch of interest.

It was a shame that the flowers did not play their full part on the day but there was still so much to see and enjoy at Petersham Lodge.

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