27 June 2014

Ginnels House in Petersham Open Gardens 2014

Ginnels House was a new addition to Petersham Open Gardens in 2014 so I made sure that I saw it despite growing tiredness.

The house was well hidden at the end of Sandpits Road. I had been in that quiet cul-de-sac several times just to be nosey and to see if there was anything worth recording for this blog but Ginnels House and its garden were well away from the road and so had managed to escape my attention.

The house was a rambling collection of extensions that had turned a modest house in to something quite large which had a large garden around it.

Both the house and the garden had signs of extensive recent work and as a result a lot of the garden looked a little sparse while it waited for the new plants to grow.

The most mature part of the garden was around the greenhouse at the far end and the top three all came from that part.

The final picture came from the south side of the house where a long rose border stood above the lawn which fell away steeply towards the boundary wall.

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