24 June 2014

Cecil House in Petersham Open Gardens 2014

Cecil House was another of the regulars that was included in Petersham Open Gardens 2014. I went to see it again partially because I wanted to see them and also because it has some very nice features.

One of the best features was, of course, the house itself here sitting proudly above the main lawn. Like many similar houses locally it had been added to a few times over the many years it had been standing there but it wore those additions with more comfort than most.

In one corner of the lawn away from the house was a small tranquil pool and next to that an enticing path leading through the trees.

Masking the rise between the lawn and the house was this trimmed hedge. There were other pretty things to see in the garden, including another lion's head water feature, but it was late in the day by then and I was rushing a little to get the last few gardens in before either they closed or I collapsed.

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