8 April 2021

Gates in a wall

I posted this a week or so ago when it was just a gap in the wall behind Meadow Close and now the gate is in place, and a rather lovely gate it is too. I was lucky to walk past when the builder was working on it and was able to tell him so directly.

For reasons that I simply do not understand, there is still some controversy over this new gate and so, having posted the nearest gate in the same wall last time, I thought that I would post all the others.

This arch is in the new section of the wall next to the main road. It is somewhat out of keeping with all the other gates in the immediate area but the wall is new so I am not sure that it really matters.


This gate is also unusual in that it is a complete break in the wall, i.e. there is no lintel with the wall continuing above it.

The final gate is different again with a gentle arch rather than a lintel.

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