2 March 2021

Taking a different path

I have been checking on some of the small paths that run behind and between the houses in the areas of social housing and these two connect Sheridan Road to Murray Road and Mowbray Road to Lovell Road.

They are both in good condition and easy to pass along, i.e. no obstructions.


They both also turn at right angles once they have got between the houses so that you have to take a leap of faith that they then continue to the next road.

This is not a formality as two of the paths leading from Mowbray Road lead to dead-ends.

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  1. I used to know all these paths really well, using them on paperrounds. The one from Mowbray to Lovell was my route to school when I was at Greycourt, The fences are much higher now though - they were only around 2 or 3ft in the 70s. I remember being able to see the occasional Anderson shelter in the gardens, used as sheds.


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