25 March 2021

New gate in Meadow Close

I has alerted to this new gate in Meadow Close by an article in the Ham and Petersham newsletter, which said: "A wall in Petersham, that was originally the boundary wall to the early 19th century Bute Estate, has had a hole cut into it to allow a house on Cedar Heights access to Meadow Close. We have pursued this with the Council as we feel this has harmed the conservation area.".

Concerned that the conservation area had been harmed, I went and had a look and all I found was this perfectly decent gap in the wall that already looked as though it had been there for ever.

The new gate is just a little distance from this other gate, to Bute Cottage, which has also done nothing to harm the conservation area.

Incidentally, and just for the record, the houses on the other side of this section of the wall are in Ashfield Close, not Cedar Heights as claimed by Ham and Petersham.

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