10 March 2021

Lost post

Possibly the most rural walk through Ham Lands is between Ham House and Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts, between the river and Ham Polo, and the rustic stiles like this one enhance that rural feeling. 

But I went there to take a photo of the post leaning against it.


A closer look shows that this is a way post for three routes that run nowhere near here. The most obvious clue is the top one which is for Hogsmill Valley Walk and I hope that everyone knows that the Hogsmill flows through the centre of Kingston upon Thames.

I am indebted to Clare Wadd, Ramblers Inner London Chair, for spotting this one.


  1. So do these paths intersect anywhere or has someone 'collected' them and brought them here?

    1. I understand that this is a genuine post, the London Loop follows the Hogsmill south of Kingston, and so somebody has moved the whole thing for reasons that I cannot begin to understand.


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