22 July 2018

The Hand and Flower expands

The Hand and Flower has undergone a lot of changes under its new ownership. Inside it is smart but outside it is becoming something of a mess and it sits uneasily in its location which is part of the Ham Common Conservation Area.

The latest edition is the covered area to the left of the pub. To be fair, this area was already a mess and the seating there is definitely an improvement.

My main gripe with the changes is the abundance of fairly cheap looking signage. The main sign on the front of the building is reasonable but the lights around it, the menu below it and the poster on the side of the building all detract from the overall appearance.

Things got a little worse after I took this picture with the arrival of yet another sign, the pub's name, on the board above the entrance.

1 comment:

  1. We used to go to this pub quite a bit before the new owners ruined it - the tacky frontage and plastic flowers are a step way too far. It's a shame as the place has such potential. Roll on the next set of (inevitable) new owners...


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