17 February 2018

More maintenance in Royal Park Gate

The maintenance work that I first spotted along the main path through Royal Park Gate is at least as obvious along Horsley Drive.

Here the woody hedge has been cut down to the height of the wall behind it bringing the townhouses behind in Wittering Close more clearly into view for no apparent reason.

The biggest surprise was the reappearance of these railings at the junction of Horsley Drive and Richmond Road. This had been engulfed in vegetation for so long that I had forgotten that it was there.


  1. Love the inspired use of'engulfed'. I was a bit puzzled by the clearing of the vegetation and wonder whether it's a preamble to something else.

  2. Please kindly compliment your photo further with an updated photo showing few caring local residents have actually cleared up all the rubbish, trim hedges, painted all the metal railings and clean up the round stone heads of grim and moss (both sides). Brought this area back to its former glory!


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