10 September 2016

Sun dial flowerbed at Teddington Lock

The gardens in front of the office on Teddington Lock have, for a long time, been one of the reasons that I keep going on there despite there being only one entrance/exit which forces me to retrace some of my steps. The raised flowerbed immediately behind the office is pretty too but beyond that there is a long expanse of grass with just a couple of trees to liven it up.

There is also a small sun dial in the middle of the lawn and the lock keepers held a competition to design a garden for it. They had many suggestions and some of these are displayed on the rotating noticeboard by the entrance/exit.

The winning garden has been planted and does the sun dial proud.

As well as being a thing of beauty in its own tight, it gives encouragement to walk further on to the lock which helps visitors to appreciate the scale of the artificial island and the engineering required to maintain a steady flow of boats along that stretch of the Thames.

The sundial is also one of the three PokeStops on the island, which is another good reason to visit it.

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