17 May 2016

Exploring the paths between the houses

I spend a fair bit of time exploring the many paths that run through Ham and the first thing that I have to do is find them as many of them are not on the map. Actually that depends on which map you use and OpenStreetMap is the best one for the local paths but only because I have been updating it. When I explore I use the MapMyWalk app on my phone to see where I have been and I use this to draw in the paths on the map.

Many of the paths have dead-ends and I have to go back and try another route. Often there is no other route out and I find myself back on the road where I started. When things work very well I find paths between roads that I did not know before, such as those that run between Sheridan, Mowbray, Lovell and Cleves roads.

Most of the paths are passable, even if they go nowhere, but occasionally they are blocked by dumped rubbish. Luckily most of the paths are clear and are well surfaced so exploring them is not that difficult and it is always rewarding.

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