23 February 2016

The Huf Haus in Ham Street nears completion

I shall miss it when the Huf Haus is finally complete as I have been watching it arrive for many months and many of my walks have deliberately gone along Ham Street just to take another look at it.

That view took a big step forward with the removal of the large crane that had been on site for a few days to load the panels as they arrived on trucks. For the first time the scale and beauty of the new house started to be revealed.

The view from the back of the house was much the same and just as pretty.

I suspect that some people will object to such a modern building appearing in an area full of old ones but I think it is a vey worthy addition to the area. I even prefer it to the other local Huf Haus, Twyntre on Petersham Road, that I also love as this one is more bold, more prominent and more confident.


  1. Looks fantastic. It should also be energy efficient: as the Huf Haus has timber-frame construction and highly efficient thermal insulation with the wooden structural components. Prefabrication should reduce thermal leakage to an absolute minimum. I hope it will be open for visits in Open House week next year, if not this.

  2. This is a wonderful design. With double pane windows it is should be a pleasant home to live in. Well done!

  3. Looks like Le Corbusier meets Legoland


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