24 October 2015

Autumn colours (2015)

Every year patches of Ham turn red and yellow and while I tell myself that I am not going to take many pictures of Autumn colours I always do. The three photos I've selected were taken on a straight walk along Ham Street and Ham Common.

The first one is of one of the outbuildings at Ham House. The ivy there is always particularly noticeable because there are no other buildings next to it and it faces south-west so catches the sun (when there is some), whereas the other two are on the other side of the road and so see no direct sunlight.

This wonderful example is on one of the short terrace of houses opposite the Ham Brewery Tap. I like the way that the red/yellow ivy is starting to colonise the house to the left of it and the way that it contrasts with the still green ivy to the right of it.

The final example comes from Langham House. The house looked lovely when the ivy was in full leaf but most of it had gone when I took this. One of the remaining fragments to red formed a ring around a window and that was enough to get me reaching for my camera.

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