3 January 2015

Improving Cut Throat Alley

Firstly, thanks to the anonymous comment poster who alerted me to the recent changes to Cut Throat Alley. I would have founded them at some point but it was nice to be notified.

The improvements started at Riverside Drive with new paying stones and a dropped kerb leading on to Ham Street. Then there is a new path across the green island. Normally I would bemoan the loss of any green space but I am happy to make an exception in this case as the green space is low quality and the path is useful.

The first long section of the Alley looks a little brash at the moment but I think it will calm down with a little bit more wear and weather. The surface is rather like that used for Douglas Footpath but that was more orange and looked inappropriate running through a grass. Here the walls give the path a firm shape, keep the gravel in place and make sense of its colour.

The little shimmy in the middle of the Alley is its defining feature and elevates it from the common straight paths.

As it heads towards Melancholy Walk, Cut Throat Alley loses its wall on one side and I was delighted to see that the new path only stretched as far as the tree line, not the path boundary.

One of the many things that the Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum is looking at is at improving routes for pedestrians and cyclists, something I heartily agree with,  and this is a good simple example of what can be done.

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  1. Thanks for posting - that was "me" alerting you to this. Used daily by me and by my kids as well as many others going to the German school and back.... so we are all glad this was finally done.


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