19 December 2014

Managing the trees on Ham Gate Avenue

One of my regular short walks takes me all around the main section of Ham Common Woods. For reasons unknown, I almost always do this counter-clockwise which means that I have the long straight walk along Ham Gate Avenue towards the end of the walk. The straightness I do not like but the overhanging trees I do.

I am always careful when walking under the branches and it is reassuring to know that the trees are being managed to keep them safe. On this walk I noticed that several branches had been cropped, one tree had been cropped so that only the trunk remained and another tree looked marked for replacement.

The branchless tree had an impressive display of fungi and that may be why it has escaped replacement. Ham Common Woods is a natural area and while it needs some management that should be to protect its natural habitats, not to protect the ordered view. Nature has its own beauty.

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