13 September 2014

Clearing the way

This bungalow in Ham Street has intrigued me for years but it has spent most of that time all but hidden behind its mature garden. Suddenly the garden has been cleared and the bungalow has nowhere to hide.


  1. This bungalow was designed, built and lived in by the architect Stefan Buzas. He died in 2008. Since then his wife and her second husband lived in the house. They too have now died and the house was sold to a neighbour. The house is in very bad repair and dilapidated so the new owner is building a brand new Huff House on the plot.
    Incidentally the house next door is exactly the same and they were build together in the early 1950's

  2. The New House on Church Road, Ham Common is also designed by Stefan Buzas and built in 1960. Modern looking to this day even though it is over 50 years old

    1. Thanks for the information on Stefan Buzas. I have taken a picture of New House before but that was two cameras ago so I'll go back and take some more.

      There is a small group of us, all connected with HUG, interested in doing an exhibition or something on the modern houses in Ham, Let me know if you want to get involved, we'd value your input. You can get me on mfr@reesmf.fsnet.co.uk.


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