27 July 2014

Garden at Ormeley Lodge (June 2014)

Ormeley Lodge is not only one of the best houses locally, it has one of the best gardens too and that means that I try to go there whenever it is open. I went there in June, took a lot of photographs which I have painfully reduced down to just nine.

The gorilla is a good place to start.

New to the garden this year were a few memorials to dogs. These had come from Lady Annabel Goldsmith's ancestral home.

The garden already had quite a few interesting things in it (like the gorilla!) but it was large enough to accommodate the new arrivals without looking fussy,

While most of the garden was simply decorative one corner housed a useful vegetable garden. Despite having a serious purpose it also managed to look pretty.

The wild garden in the former orchard at the back of the garden was my favourite part, as always. This year it was in fantastic form with a myriad of flecks of colour and I liked it more than ever.

 The main borders around the large lawn looked good too.

As did the lawn.

The gap in the hedge, guarded by lions, led the way to the wild flower orchard.

The garden had plenty of paths which made it easy to explore and also plenty of seats to rest on when the exploring got too much.

Back to the wild flower garden for the obligatory picture of the patient rhinoceros that tries his best to hide there but somehow all the children manage to find him.

This gazebo was my favourite construct in the garden. If it was up to me this would have hide pride of place on the main lawn rather than being somewhat hidden away in one of the side paths.

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