21 April 2014

Gate House Garden off Ham Common

Gate House Garden sits on the south-east corner of Ham Common formed by Upper Ham Road and Ham Common (the confusingly named road). It is maintained by Ham Amenities Group who purchased this little plot of land for that purpose.

Behind it sits Morgans House and the Cassel Hospital. Morgans House is the block with the white rendering and the brick section next to it. To the right of that is Cassel Hospital with the railings over the windows.

The point of Gate House Garden is to provide a spot of tranquillity and beauty and there is seating to encourage people to pause for a while and to take it all in.

The garden is long and thin, stretching along Ham Common (the road). From one of the seats you can look over the garden and the road toward Ham Common (the common).

The planting is thick and varied, which compensates for its small size.There is a surprising amount to see and enjoy there and like to walk slowly through it at different times of the year to see what changes the new season has brought.

Gate House Garden is only small but its prominent position, precise design and careful maintenance make it a real asset to the area.

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