9 October 2012

Something to worry about?

I am always worried when I see signs of major works in one of Ham's wild areas and this has got me worried. This is just outside Ham Gate, opposite Park Gate House, and until recently there was a clutch of trees around the almost hidden pond.

On the left of the picture you can see the path that takes you right in to the woods, then along the border with the golf club and finally alongside Ormeley Lodge before returning you to Ham Gate Avenue about 300m away.

I fear that this could become a car park but any building work here, even if it is just benches and tables, is to be regretted.


  1. I don't know if you get the Ham and Petersham Magazine through your door, but there's a newsletter from the Ham Common Woods Group, which talks about restoring the pond, so I don't think there's actually any building going on...

    1. Sounds like I ought to try and join the Ham and Petersham Association again. I failed in the past because they do not know where Ham is.


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