7 July 2012

YE54 UKT breaks all the rules

I have not posted any bad parking pictures for a little while because nothing has really caught my attention. All the usual spots are still parked badly with great regularity and while I could take dozens of similar pictures of inconsiderate and dangerous parking they would be similar pictures and I prefer the unusual.

The middle aged woman who parked YE54 UKT on Ham Parade this morning steps above the usual mark for bad parking and so does warrant an appearance here.

Her Chelsea Tractor is parked across the dropped kerb that lets pedestrians cross the road easily and safely and a wheel is up on the pavement.

And if this was not bad enough, her efforts to get out of this space forced a couple of cars behind her to reverse out of the way because the way that she parked, and the size of space that she tried to squeeze in to, meant that she had no easy exit.

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