11 June 2012

A sparkle of solar panels

I did ask what was happening to the pavilion in Riverside Drive and, thanks to a comment made by a reader, I learnt that solar panels were being installed and so I made a mental note to go and take a picture of them when the work was finished. And I did.

The surprise is just how many there are. One panel generates about 250W and a typical installation will have 8 or 16 panels, here there are over 100! I presume that they are doing that to sell the electricity back to the grid, either that or it is very very hot in there.


  1. Anonymous11 June, 2012

    Suspect you mean that one panel generates around 250 watts (as opposed to 250 Kw). All the same 250w x 100 = 25 Kw in total, which is incredible for one building.

    1. Yes, that is what I meant and I've corrected the text. Thanks for pointing it out.


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