3 August 2011

School works

Grey Court School in Ham Street is also taking advantage of the Summer break to do some work on its buildings. This former grand residence (and home of the future Cardinal Newman) is now part of the school that surrounds it, though I have no idea what they use it for.

This is another building site that I will be watching with interest over the next few weeks to see what emerges from behind the scaffolding and the stacked portacabins.


  1. I can tell you exactly what is being built as I am the structural engineer on this job! What you can see on that side of Cardinal Newman House is a lift shaft being constructed in special 'basalt' coloured bricks (planners choice). On the other side is being built an 'AEN' classroom where I understand a conservatory once was. The building is used for Special Educational Needs pupils, the lift shaft is for wheelchair users to get between floors.

    Elsewhere on site 2 new technology workshops are being built and the library is being extended too.

    B Dawson

  2. Years ago when I was at Greycourt (84-89) the building was used as the school's music rooms

  3. Is one of your legs much shorter than the other? I thought that might explain why you shoot photos tilted.


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