10 April 2011

Flowers at St. Michael's Convent

The weather has been kind this weekend for the first Open Garden of the season, St. Michael's Convent on Ham Common. So while many people succumbed to the thrills, noise and glamour of the Victorian Fair on the Common others of us were more tempted by the serenity and beauty of the Convent gardens.

There are laid out like a patchwork quilt with lots of different sections each with their own shades and shapes. Mt favourite, and probably mist people's, is the messy orchard towards the centre with its irregular trees, long grass and colourful flowers.

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  1. This looks very pretty. I usually visit Ham and Petersham a couple of times every year (I live in London, too, but it takes me some time to get there), but haven't been to the garden at St. Michael's Convent yet; I'd like to visit some time. I like your pictures of the garden a lot, thanks for sharing :)


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