3 March 2011

Vapour trail

My original aim was just to capture the warm colours of the sky with the stark black outline of the bare trees on a cold evening on Ham Common but then a jet leaving Heathrow slowly drew a sharp white line across the picture to change its character and purpose.

I preferred the picture with the vapour trail to the one I took before without and so that's the one that is shown here.


  1. Matthew, if you are so inclined, this would make a beautiful Skywatch Friday photo:

    Great photo!

  2. Please feel free to use this photo. Matthew

  3. vapour trails can add some interesting hieroglyphics to the sky.

  4. It would have been fun to start a little contest with your readers: Which photo do you prefer? The one with or without the vapour trail?


    Which sky for you?
    One that is blue?
    Or do you prefer
    A sky that’s demure?

    A sky in grey
    Is soft, they say,
    And not everyone
    Likes the blinding sun.

    Perhaps a sky
    Through which geese fly
    To winter havens
    Away from ravens?

    A rain-swept sky
    That seems to cry?
    O quickly choose one
    Before day is done!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Cloud Maiden


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