5 December 2009

The worst parking ever by X 685 YAH?!

I have eased off the bad parking photos in recent months because almost all of the examples that I have seen, and I've seen many, have been in the usual places and so I have not felt them worthy of a special mention here. This case is different.

X 685 YAH is double parked within the zig-zag zone by the Zebra Crossing on Ham Parade. If you look carefully you can see that the car is empty and the hazard lights are on.

The zig-zag zone is there to prevent overtaking in the region around the busy pedestrian crossing but with a car parked stupidly and selfishly there this means that all vehicles have to move around it. The obstacle dangerously obscures the view of the crossing and manoeuvring around it distracts drivers from the crossing too. Such stupidity should not go unpunished, I just wish that there was more that I could do than name-and-shame the culprit here.