19 September 2007

A bad sign at the Legless Frog

There are several things that annoy me about this sign at the Legless Frog, e.g. the typos in "childrens" and "0208", but what annoys me the most is that it is put out in the middle of the narrow pavement every day for most of the day. This selfish behaviour suggests to me that the pub is not really interested in being part of the local community.

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  1. Hi matthew

    Thanks for your constructive critiscm as per usual. We have noted about the sign and endevour to move it further back, however the sign was written by a local student as we are very keen to be part and support the local community of Ham.As for grammatical errors,terribly sorry it bothers you so much. As i have said before if you have a problem with anything we do, why not come in to the pub and actually tell us,where i`m sure we will try and rectify the situation.

    many thanks



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